The Kingdom Withheld Project

Hello everyone and welcome to Red Dreams Interactive! One of the many projects I have been working on, The Kingdom Withheld, is in full fledged development right now! I just started working on this project and already I feel very confident in its potential! I plan to release this on IOS, Android, and PC to start, and then hopefully crossover to the Handheld Platforms like the Nintendo 3DS or PS Vita! I would like to put it on all systems, but I must start small and start somewhere period! I am hoping to make a game that everyone will come to love and treasure as a wonderful RPG experience like the experiences I had playing them as a child.

We are still looking for more talent as well as donations to make this project succeed and if you or anyone else is interested in helping the project flourish you can: 1) Fill out an application 2) Donate by hitting the donate button in the upper left corner. Any donations will help and if you donate, I will send you a copy of the demo or 3) do both! I would like to take the opportunity to thank the early investors Jimbo, Jensen, and RJ for their wonderful contributions to the project!

Here are some pictures of the project so far and remember it is a work in progress!