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Red Dreams Interactive

Free-Living Productions

Independent Video Games and Graphic Novels.  Building a brighter future for fans everywhere.


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Red Dreams in an independent co-op of artists and programmers teaming up to make projects happen that would normally seem impossible. 

That was the short and sweet of it.  The general idea of Red Dreams is when an artist or writer has an idea, but can't find the other to help make their idea a reality we help bring the two together.  One party has an awesome story but doesn't know how to ink a comic book.  One party knows how to ink wants in on a project.  One party has game design experience but not a starting vision.  Red Dreams Interactive helps by allowing a community of these artists to sign up, post their ideas, and make dreams a reality. 

Are you similar to one of the people we mentioned?  If so hop over to the Recruitment and lets get you in the system so you can get into the members meet area.

The Vision

In the beginning, I wanted to create a company that could produce all three of my loves in 

life: video games, anime, and comics. I have held on to this vision for a long, long time, and my 

friends will tell you, that fate will probably have to pry that vision out of my cold dead hands. 

There are many things in life that I covet, but creating this company, Red Dreams Interactive, 

is my top priority and always has been. I have dreamed of seeing my stories out there in the 

open for people to see, to debate about, to express their hate as well as their love for certain 

characters or storylines within the video game or anime that I have created along with my team 

of individuals who share the same goals as me. It is in this vision that I hold the right to create so 

dear as well as the ability to share my visions with others. 

The Nightmare

Reality is often cruel, harsh, and misleading. I have failed so many times and gotten 

rejected even more. My original plan by now was to be a Lead Game Designer of my own 

company and go well into my 30s developing more games and becoming a studio of legacy; 

well that obviously has not happened yet. That is okay however as you have to keep getting 

up every time you fail. Nightmares are a part of life and one must never give up! We are going 

to fail sometime, everyone does and at Red Dreams Interactive, I do not want anyone to fear 

failure because it is a natural step in success! Today’s failure is tomorrow’s triumph; today’s 

disappointment is tomorrow’s approval. Everyone observes everything including your failures 

and depending on how you learn from them, they benefit you way more than they can ever 

hurt you! I encourage you to always try new things and if you feel confident in your work, then 

that is all the more reason to show it to the world. No matter what the outcome may be, always 

remember your goals and your tenacity to succeed!

The Dream

Even now I will not give up! I believe in my dream because it is the only thing I have. 

I have surrounded myself with the best people possible in order to make that happen and if you 

want to be one of them or you may already be and you do not know it yet, I employ you to join 

us and accomplish things together as a coherent team of outstanding and professional individuals 

who want to achieve making creative art in the form of video games, anime, and comics. I cannot 

promise you success, I cannot promise you a career, but I can promise you a chance and all the 

help I can muster as I try to achieve my dream as well as those I am surrounded by. Chase your 

dream to the ends of the world! It is our right to pursue happiness and our dreams! I will never 

stop trying to accomplish my dreams and I urge you to do the same for your dreams! That is 

what it means to be a part of the Red Dreams Interactive Team!




          Rockman hails from Montgomery, Alabama where he grew up on a healthy diet of family love, video games, and classic arcades. The first game he fell in love with was Final Fantasy released on Nintendo years ago. However, he has a huge disdain for Final Fantasy 13 in which he believes is the folly of the Final Fantasy series.

            Since a young age, Rockman wanted to become an ambitious game designer. His name comes from the famous Mega Man video game series as he played the majority of the series during his early childhood. The name “Rockman” is the Japanese title for Mega Man. The main character’s nickname in the video games was “Rock” in its home country of Japan. He takes this nickname because of the longevity and huge contribution the Mega Man franchise has brought to the platforming genre as well as the video game industry as a whole. He hopes to do the same one day.

       He earned his B.A. in Digital Entertainment and Game Design and an associate in Multimedia, which he is currently using his skills and talents toward graphic novel and comic book development.

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