Creativity: Big Companies, Indie Games, and The Great Divide

What is the real difference between indie games and big title games? Why isn’t a video game just a video game anymore? Why can’t we hold both Journey and Ico to the same standards? These complex questions and more continue to plague us and the industry as we continue to evolve into a more industrious and monstrous market. With the video game industry already exceeding the billion dollar mark, why is there still a great divide between the two types of games?

Destined: The Story about Destiny

A lot of people are still on the fence about whether or not Destiny is the game for them; I love Destiny, but I can see how some would not care for it. In Destiny, you are in a vast world of dangerous enemies, limited possibilities, and perhaps an even more limited amount of treasure, but that does not stop what could be one of the greatest sleeper hits of all time. Before the arrival of Destiny, there was a lot of hype and mystery surrounding the game which made a lot of gamers both equally nervous and excited. I can proudly say that after spending over 60 hours of my time in the game, I truly feel like I got my money’s worth and more! The real question is will you?